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About Kara

My Approach
I primarily am a craniosacral provider who also does myofascial work.  I do not do deep tissue, swedish, or traditional relaxation massage.  My years of experience as a massage therapist have shown me when the body is approached with too much force or aggression the muscles and fascia often react defensively- stiffening up, or worse, going into a spasm to protect the area.

Imagine a person is at home and their friend is walking up to the front door and would like to be let inside.  If the friend was to knock aggressively on the door demanding to be let in, or, if the friend forces their way in by busting down the door the person inside may react with fear or defensiveness.  They may try to remove the offending friend from their environment or allow them to stay but regard the friend with wariness and distrust.  If the friend however approached the home with respect, gently knocking on the front door and waiting to be invited in, the person inside would be more responsive and trustful of the friend’s intentions and happier to see and work with them.

I believe that the body is like this home and it's response largely depends on the approach of the practictioner. Using a gentle, respectful touch and working collaboratively with the body, I am able to work more effectively at a deeper level, creating a space for change and healing. 


About Me
I grew up in the midwest and from a young age I was drawn to massage and body work.  I moved to Washington State after graduating from college due to the state's reputation for superior massage schools. I attended Brenneke School of Massage (now the Cortiva Institute) and graduated from their 1500 hour massage program in 2006.  Since then I have sought out continuing education courses for massage centered around injury treatment modalities.  I was introduced to craniosacral therapy when I was in massage school and was awestruck when I felt the cranial rhythm for the first time and realized the healing potential that existed due to this movement. To expand my knowledge and experience, I completed a year-long craniosacral certification course with Pat O'Rourke in 2013.  My life has been transformed by body work and I am honored to participate in the healing and transformations my clients experience.

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